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Advice at Hart is based in the North East of England and was originally set up by Clair Gilbraith as a not-for-profit free service to Hartlepool residents who required assistance with benefit advice and support. After gaining funding we were able to take on more staff so that we could offer the service free of charge to the residents of Hartlepool and surrounding areas in greater numbers.

We provide advice and support to residents of Hartlepool and surrounding areas with appeals for new and ongoing benefit issues both in our office and their home. We are also currently providing a remote service during the current pandemic. We have seen a significant increase in cases due to COVID-19, and are providing a much-needed service, assisting our clients in completing paperwork and submitting relevant evidence to support their claim. We also represent them in court if required. We provide ongoing support to our clients with their benefit income and anything else surrounding their case.

We also regularly receive referrals from Hartlepool Borough Council and the local Job Centre and provide food bank vouchers and utility top ups to those individuals who are in desperate need


Advice at Hart are based in Hartlepower Hub which has a network of voluntary organisations who attend forums and create networks to assist each other and our clients. We also attend local homeless groups and food banks such as St Aidan’s Church, Cornerstone, Harbour and Burbank Community Centre/Poolie Time Exchange and provide services to their clients as required.

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