Our Successes



Mr F was a referral from another advice service in Hartlepool. He had an ongoing appeal for his personal independence payments of which he had been refused for two years.
The other advice service couldn’t provide Court representation for Mr F so we acceped him as a client.
After meeting with Mr F we composed a submission to the courts after going through relevant supporting information he had regarding his health.
The hearing took place in a social distanced setting at the office. When the hearing started the Judge made an offer to Mr F due to the submission that we had sent in two weeks previously. Mr F was very happy with the offer and accepted this.
Mr F had been struggling to pay debts and manage his household bills due to the previous two years income reduction. He gained an ongoing award for a further two years of £83.30 per week and a backdated amount owed of £7130.75.
This income gain has meant that he can now pay his debts off that he owed and be in a better financial position ongoing. Therefore, has better mental health as the debts and low income he had previously caused his mental health to suffer.



The service was contacted by Hartlepool Carers to assist a lady, we were given her details to contact and a visit was made to see what assistance she needed.
Mrs S suffers with a lot of physical health problems and due to not being able to work she tried to claim personal Independence Payments. Her claim was refused, and Hartlepool Carers had tried to assist with supporting letter’s, but this didn’t change a Reconsideration request.
Our adviser assessed her claim and assisted Ms S to Appeal the decision. The advisor became the representative and then received a copy of all the paperwork regarding the claim.
After taking some time to look through the paperwork the advisor wrote a submission and suggested documents that could be gained from her specialist and G.P. and after sending these documents to the Courts an award was made within 2 months of appealing for a period of 4 years.
As Ms S had to claim benefit to support her weekly income (due to not working).  Until she had received that benefit for 9 months she couldn’t gain any Mortgage interest help. This resulted in her falling into Mortgage arrears and was at risk of losing her home. Due to the quick turn around of her appeal and a lump sum being awarded of £3040 this meant she could then pay her arrears and keep her home.
Mrs S now also has an increased income of £151.40 per week which means that she can continue to pay her Mortgage and have enough income to live on each month.
This has given Ms S a better mental wellbeing as she now does not need to worry about affording to pay her bills or losing her home. As she also gained an award that meant she could have a carer her daughter now claims carers allowance to care for her which the daughter gained at £67.25 per week.